On The Table offers you an opportunity to let go of your stress in the comfort & safety of your own home.  SpiriTouch® Reiki as well as SpiriTouch® Reiki Massage, are efficient at aligning the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual aspects of YOU so that you feel more balanced again.


The resulting shift in your vibration & magnetism can literally change... EVERYTHING.



SpiriTouch® Reiki Energy Healing Session & Guidance


SpiriTouch® Reiki can best be explained as an energetic Spa Day...  for your Spirit...  focusing on your emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies.  Working with the laws of vibration, resonance and entrainment, SpiriTouch® Reiki increases your vibration so that lower vibrations begin to fall away on their own, leaving you feeling light and refreshed on a whole new level.  An auracle card reading accompanies this session with loving guidance from your spiritual team.


70 min - includes reading & healing ($220)


SpiriTouch® Massage


SpiriTouch® Reiki Massage (energy healing + massage) will reverse the accumulated years of stress with longer-lasting and deeper results than traditional massage.  Frequency is KEY especially in the beginning of the treatment protocol to ensure longer-lasting change.  For this reason, I encourage clients to purchase packages instead of a la carte.  Call for details on 6, 12, & 24ct packages at meaningful discounts.


60 minincludes neck, shoulders, back & hip ($199)