After asking for my purpose in 2008... a series of synchronistic events led me to massage & energy healing.  In 2012,  SpiriTouch® was born.  SpiriTouch® is a resurgence of an ancient practice that combines energy healing & massage to create the most holistic massage therapy available today.  The result... longer-lasting physical effects as well as an increase in your energetic vibration, which can literally change... EVERYTHING.  Keep an open mind and heart & great changes await you!!!


SpiriTouch® Massage

SpiriTouch Massage is the infusion of energy healing with massage.  It is the ultimate in massage experiences as it not only affects the physical components of our systems but also the energetic componenets... promoting greater peace, balance, and harmony with each treatment. 

60 min ($180) Neck, shoulders, back & hip/butt
90 min ($270) - Chest, neck, shoulders, back, hip/butt & 15min of energy healing 


SpiriTouch® Reiki Energy Healing Session & Guidance

SpiriTouch® Reiki focuses on bringing inner peace and balance through spiritual, meantal, emotional (and physical) healing. An intuitive auracle card reading culminates this session with loving guidance from your spiritual team. SpiriTouch® Reiki will strengthen your energy field; balance your chakras; remove blocks & debris; increase your vibration and align your energy.  


80 min Healing session (including discussion b/a) ($220)


You should know, however, that energy healing does have side-effects such as … increased positivity – balance – a noticeable glow – higher magnetism – greater harmony – increased intuition – and many more thay we will leave as small surprises along the way.